How to get the lowest price in rideshare insurance?

It is in everyone’s best interest to drive with care. When you don’t have any at-fault accidents it is seen as a positive towards your claims history by all insurance companies, hence reducing your premiums. At Rideshare29 we guarantee to reduce your premiums each year you don’t have an at-fault accident.

How Rideshare Insurance Works in Australia?

If you drive for a ridesharing company like Uber or ola in Australia, you may already know that your personal car insurance does not cover the commercial use of your vehicle. In other words, if you have an accident while driving for uber your personal car insurance will not cover the claim, leaving you out of pocket.

While driving for rideshare, by law you are required to always hold a third-party cover under the driver’s name. It does not have to be a comprehensive cover.

Now there are quite a few insurance companies offering rideshare insurance in Australia. However, their prices and limits of cover differ substantially. Price is an important factor it pays to do research in finding the right rideshare insurance cover.

In Australia in case of an accident, the at-fault driver is responsible for repairing or organizing repairs for other party vehicles involved in the crash. The party that has suffered damage due to the negligent actions of the other party has full rights to pursue the damage costs legally in court against the driver and the owner of the vehicle.

It is in the best interest to have the appropriate cover and in case of an accident, it is important to exchange full details including phone numbers to simplify the repairs process for both parties.

How can our accident claim management services can help you save money?

Accidents are a part of life and they do happen whether you like them or not. These accidents come with a lot of financial stress. There are some things you need to know about how an accident claims management company will help you.

Some of these are as follows:

  1. The first and most important thing is that we will manage all tasks for you from the beginning point of the accident, help you in the repairing process, and getting in your replacement vehicle. After the accident, WE WILL HANDLE IT.
  2. We provide services for any fleet business, truck, or rideshare vehicles.
  3. We provide full support regarding claim management and towing services for vehicles.
  4. We work with law firms for handling the claim process till the end.
  5. We also provide third-party claims handling.
  6. Managing accident claims can be a very time-consuming process, but we can help you save your time.
  7. We can help you get your vehicle back on the road as quickly as possible.
  8. We will recover your vehicle within 24-hours, 7 days a week 24/7.
  9. We will provide you replacement vehicle till your vehicle gets repaired and ready for work again without any cost.
  10. We have skilled staff who can assess damages quickly.
  11. On average, we can save you 30% annually on accident repairs and Rideshare Insurance Premiums.
  12. We save your administrative costs.
  13. We arrange accident repairs effectively to keep the costs down.
  14. We will help you with the paperwork.
  15. We help determine the fault of the party for the accident.
  16. We have a network of approved repairers from where we can repair your vehicle.
  17. We provide ultimate customer satisfaction.


Accidents do happen in life we do not know when and how they happen. We all know that accidents are never convenient, and could potentially leave your fleet in a dangerous, awkward, or risky situation. In such situations, it is very inconvenient for the policyholder to get their claims from insurance companies. For this, you need us, a company that does all processes for you from towing your vehicle to giving you a replacement vehicle.

You need not worry about your insurance claim. You just need to concentrate on your work the rest of the work is done by our claims management team.

Make your life easier by taking services of our company which is Rideshare29 accident claim management.

For contact and queries, you may reach our experts.

Do you know how an Accident Claims Management company works?

  • An accident claims management company (CMC) is a company or third-party that represents a policyholder in their claim.
  • Take actions and decision-maker for policyholder about their claims.
  • Do an investigation of the circumstances, in pursuing a claim.

Accident Claims Management company systems help you reduce costs by handling the regulatory or administrative side of the claim processing by effective communication with the insurance companies on behalf of the policyholder. As an accident claims management company, we will thoroughly check the claims with our expert staff and advanced technology which help in timesaving and reduce cost in the handling process due to the elimination of intermediaries.

Rideshare29 provides a cost-effective service as an intermediator helping drivers get back on the road as soon as possible by managing the whole claims process. Taking the services of claim management is more cost-effective and significant for the innocent motorist, who are not aware of the processing of insurance companies’ policies.

How can Rideshare Accident Claims Management help?

Every year fleets are bearing the cost of thousands of dollars on repair costs, and regulatory costs due to road traffic collisions or other damages and mishaps in accidents. These accidents are so risky and push us down in life due to financial instability. But all these crises are minimized by securing yourself with a rideshare insurance policy.

Are You Looking for the Cheapest Rideshare Insurance?

When it comes to insurance it is not only about getting the cheapest price. There are numerous other factors that you should consider when deciding on which company to go with for your rideshare vehicle insurance. According to our research, the following were found to be the most important:

• Repair Times

Since these vehicles are used to make a living, vehicle downtime can cause financial loss leading to financial stress. So, making sure repair times are kept at the lowest is what we prioritize as first.

• Repair Quality

Maintaining repair quality to ensure your car is kept in pristine condition.

• Claim Process

Being able to talk to a claims consultant in person who can assist in filling out the claim form makes the whole process a lot easier, efficient, and accurate.

• Replacement Vehicles

Having a replacement vehicle to drive while your car is being repaired is a must-have feature for rideshare vehicles.

• Rewards for Excellent Driving

Good drivers should be rewarded and acknowledged. We are committed to providing excellent service while reducing your yearly insurance premiums when no at-fault claims are lodged.

• Tow Truck

24/7 Tow truck service as a Standard part of the service.

Here at Rideshare29, we take pride in providing all of the above services at an unbeatable price on rideshare insurance.

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Our claim process

Phase One:
First of all, filling the forms in the presence of the driver.

Phase Two:
Our expert staff extract to the point information about the matter for solving the matter in efficient manners. Because the right information is the backbone of managing claims effectively.

Phase Three:
After collecting useful information, we effectively communicate with another party for solving the claim fairly and promptly.

Phase Four:
With effective communication, the case will be solved timely and we know that time is money. From collecting information to final repair of the vehicle our staff takes care of all things.

Advantages of Rideshare29 services!

There are certain benefits in taking services from Rideshare29 that is an accident claims management company.

• 25% Savings Annually
We can save your money because our model is built around saving money for fleet owners. We save annually for our clients 25% on accidents and claims management.

• Expert Staff and Advanced Technology
Our motive is to help our customers by putting their needs first so we handle thousands of accident matters annually with our expert staff, fleet claim management system, and extreme precision.

• Partnership
From accident repairs to legal liability and third-party claims, Rideshare29 takes care of the whole process. We’ve partnered with several companies to provide fleet owners and drivers with solutions for their fleet’s accident repairs and legal liability. We have partnered with some Smash Repairers to offer the swiftest restoration times available.

• Replacement Vehicle
We pride ourselves on providing the ultimate customer satisfaction because we provide those services which most companies are not offering. We are providing you replacement vehicle that can work and earn for your family until your vehicle is getting ready for work again without any cost.

• Assurance
If we don’t save you money, we will give you 100$ for your time. If we aren’t able to get your claim from insurance companies then we pay you from our pocket.

• Availability
We are available 24/7 for your service and working for providing satisfaction to the clients in a difficult time.

• Free Consultation
Rideshare29 has years of experience and the resources to know how to handle cases efficiently and effectively. For solving cases efficiently, we provide 30 minutes of free consultancy for our clients. Our expert staff plan custom solutions to save you on accident management running costs.

• Protection on your Time and Money
People face different problems and we provide customized solutions to everyone. Rideshare29 provides you services in getting your claims to save your time and money so our customers can focus on making money not worry about losing it.


Rideshare29 is available all over Australia and helping thousands of fleet owners with an expert staff and advanced IT system. However, the company has plans to expand its services in other countries as well.
We are available 24/7 to constantly meeting and exceeding the expectations of our clients. We are here to getting your fleet home safely within 24 hours with the help of hardworking staff and an advanced IT system.