Advantages of Rideshare29 services!

There are certain benefits in taking services from Rideshare29 that is an accident claims management company.

• 25% Savings Annually
We can save your money because our model is built around saving money for fleet owners. We save annually for our clients 25% on accidents and claims management.

• Expert Staff and Advanced Technology
Our motive is to help our customers by putting their needs first so we handle thousands of accident matters annually with our expert staff, fleet claim management system, and extreme precision.

• Partnership
From accident repairs to legal liability and third-party claims, Rideshare29 takes care of the whole process. We’ve partnered with several companies to provide fleet owners and drivers with solutions for their fleet’s accident repairs and legal liability. We have partnered with some Smash Repairers to offer the swiftest restoration times available.

• Replacement Vehicle
We pride ourselves on providing the ultimate customer satisfaction because we provide those services which most companies are not offering. We are providing you replacement vehicle that can work and earn for your family until your vehicle is getting ready for work again without any cost.

• Assurance
If we don’t save you money, we will give you 100$ for your time. If we aren’t able to get your claim from insurance companies then we pay you from our pocket.

• Availability
We are available 24/7 for your service and working for providing satisfaction to the clients in a difficult time.

• Free Consultation
Rideshare29 has years of experience and the resources to know how to handle cases efficiently and effectively. For solving cases efficiently, we provide 30 minutes of free consultancy for our clients. Our expert staff plan custom solutions to save you on accident management running costs.

• Protection on your Time and Money
People face different problems and we provide customized solutions to everyone. Rideshare29 provides you services in getting your claims to save your time and money so our customers can focus on making money not worry about losing it.