Are You Looking for the Cheapest Rideshare Insurance?

When it comes to insurance it is not only about getting the cheapest price. There are numerous other factors that you should consider when deciding on which company to go with for your rideshare vehicle insurance. According to our research, the following were found to be the most important:

• Repair Times

Since these vehicles are used to make a living, vehicle downtime can cause financial loss leading to financial stress. So, making sure repair times are kept at the lowest is what we prioritize as first.

• Repair Quality

Maintaining repair quality to ensure your car is kept in pristine condition.

• Claim Process

Being able to talk to a claims consultant in person who can assist in filling out the claim form makes the whole process a lot easier, efficient, and accurate.

• Replacement Vehicles

Having a replacement vehicle to drive while your car is being repaired is a must-have feature for rideshare vehicles.

• Rewards for Excellent Driving

Good drivers should be rewarded and acknowledged. We are committed to providing excellent service while reducing your yearly insurance premiums when no at-fault claims are lodged.

• Tow Truck

24/7 Tow truck service as a Standard part of the service.

Here at Rideshare29, we take pride in providing all of the above services at an unbeatable price on rideshare insurance.

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