How It Works

At Rideshare29, we understand that when you’re not on the road, you’re losing money. Rideshare29 proudly assists thousands of fleet owners across Australia with their claims and helping them to find cheapest rideshare insurance.

No matter the case, with our knowledge and expertise, we can help you to get the cheapest rideshare insurance!

From accident repairs to legal liability and third-party claims, Rideshare29 takes care of the whole process. We have partnered with a number of Smash Repairers to offer the swiftest restoration times available. Not only that, we provide a free replacement vehicle while your car is being fixed!

In a 30-minute free consultation, our staff can devise custom solutions to save you on accident management running costs. With years of experience, we have the resources and the know-how on handling cases efficiently and effectively. Save money, and get in contact with one of our friendly staff members today!



All claim forms are filled in the presence of the driver. Our staff is trained to extract the right information to help the claim to be resolved in an accurate and efficient manner. From handling information to coordinating with repair shops, providing rental cars we take care of it all.



If you need your car to be towed, Rideshare29 has your back! With 24/7 towing and customer support, you can rest easy knowing your fleet will never be left behind.


Gathering Information

Claim process begins with collecting the right information in a timely manner. Extracting and entering the right information is the most crucial point in managing claims effectively.


Processing Information

After gathering the right information, it is crucial that it is communicated to the other party in an efficient and effective manner. With effective communication between all parties, claims can be resolved in a fairly and timely manner.


Case Resolved

With efficient communication cases can be resolved fast resulting in lower downtimes means more time on the road.

We can save you money

Our business model is built around saving money for the fleet owners. We pride ourselves in handling information accurately and precisely. With thorough staff training and advanced IT systems, our team is capable of handling thousands of matters annually with extreme precision.