How Rideshare Insurance Works in Australia?

If you drive for a ridesharing company like Uber or ola in Australia, you may already know that your personal car insurance does not cover the commercial use of your vehicle. In other words, if you have an accident while driving for uber your personal car insurance will not cover the claim, leaving you out of pocket.

While driving for rideshare, by law you are required to always hold a third-party cover under the driver’s name. It does not have to be a comprehensive cover.

Now there are quite a few insurance companies offering rideshare insurance in Australia. However, their prices and limits of cover differ substantially. Price is an important factor it pays to do research in finding the right rideshare insurance cover.

In Australia in case of an accident, the at-fault driver is responsible for repairing or organizing repairs for other party vehicles involved in the crash. The party that has suffered damage due to the negligent actions of the other party has full rights to pursue the damage costs legally in court against the driver and the owner of the vehicle.

It is in the best interest to have the appropriate cover and in case of an accident, it is important to exchange full details including phone numbers to simplify the repairs process for both parties.