About Us

Rideshare29 was set up to help and maintain car fleet claim management. With thorough staff training and advanced IT systems, our team is capable of handling thousands of matters annually with extreme precision.

We pride ourselves in easing the load for our customers, by providing 24/7 two truck support, handling accident repairs and third-party claims, as well as providing a replacement car for your needs! On average our clients save around 25% annually on accidents and claims management!

Moreover, Rideshare29 understands that time is money, and if you are working, we are too. We’re always ready to take your call and offer you full support in regards to your claim management and help you in finding the best rideshare insurance. Get in touch with us today!



We help rideshare fleet owner-operators in managing accident repairs and third party claims, taking the hassle out of the accident claims process. We also supply a replacement vehicle free of charge while your car is being repaired, at no cost to you.⁠ Rideshare29 offers you full support in assisting with your car being towed in case of an accident. Starting from repairs, getting your replacement vehicle we handle it all and take the hassle out of managing accidents.⁠

When you begin operating in the rideshare industry with your own vehicle, we recommend you update your insurance to state that you are using it as a rideshare vehicle.⁠ Some companies may refuse or deny claims if accidents occur whilst using your vehicle for rideshare purposes, and it is at their discretion if you don’t update your policy.⁠

Unfortunately, whether you like it or not, accidents do happen. However, when you understand what to do in the situation, it becomes a lot easier. ⁠ Taking appropriate photographs of the collision, license plate, driving licenses, and all other relevant details like a phone number for the other party, as well as witness details, will help resolve the matters in an efficient manner.

We can save you money

Our business model is built around saving money for the fleet owners. We pride ourselves in handling information accurately and precisely. With thorough staff training and advanced IT systems our team is capable of handling thousands of matters annually with extreme precision.